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Welcome to Just Pawn Inc  



Just Pawn Inc provides convenient solutions with short term cash loans, bargain prices for unclaimed merchandise and cash on the spot for our customer's valuables. We have provides products and services to the people living in and around the Chicago, Illinois area. We offer loans using your signature alone, but certain conditions may apply.


We have payday loans, which allow you to have access to the money right away. You will find outstanding values on worthwhile pre-owned merchandise that are still in our inventory. One of our friendly associates will assist you with getting the amount of money you want or to get you a good deal with one of those quality purchases.


We offer guaranteed high prices on items of value. We speak both English and Spanish, so we encourage you to take advantage of our bilingual service. We have three store locations in Chicago, Illinois and have free parking at each location.


Call the Just Pawn, Inc today to find out more. Our efficient staff members are capable and knowledgeable to take care of your immediate needs. Contact us today to discuss your needs or ask a question or speak to one of our efficient representatives.